Job Description

Cook, Burnham, Bucks £8.50 per hour

Our client has a vacancy for a Cook within their lovely day nursery, cooking for up to 35 children. 

The Nursery is open from 7.45am to 6.00pm from Monday to Friday, (closed for bank holidays and for one week at Christmas).

Candidate Criteria

  • To be hard working
  • Reliable
  • Previous experience of working in a kitchen
  • Passion for food and nutrition
  • Understanding of the importance of hygiene, cleanliness and dietary requirements
  • Strong organisational skills
  • Ability to follow health and safety procedures
  • Excellent time management and budgeting skills,
  • Capable of co-ordinating and serving a wide range of healthy, nutritious meals and snacks at set times each day. 
  • A satisfactory DBS check

Reporting to     The Nursery Manager/Deputy Manager

Qualification    Basic food handling certificate

Main Responsibilities

1. To follow guidelines laid out by the ‘Safer Food Better Business’ document published by the Food Standards Agency.

2. To attend food hygiene training as required.

3. To  identify on a  daily  basis the number and type of allergies  and special dietary requirements for children within the nursery and ensure that they are catered for accordingly.

4. To check sell by dates on perishable goods daily and ensure product rotation in order to use older goods first.

5. To check sell by dates, temperature and quality of all food deliveries.

6. To ensure that food is stored in the fridge according to Environmental Health Regulations.

7. To use the correct equipment, specifically for its purpose, e.g. coloured chopping boards.

8. To check attendance of children on a daily basis to ensure adequate quantities of food are prepared and waste is kept to a minimum. 

9. To prepare and cook a well-balanced meal for children, appropriate to their age and in line with the four weekly menus provided by Head Office. 

10. Ensure the food is adequately cooked to the correct temperature and that this information is recorded in the ‘Safer Food Better Business’ document.

11. To ensure the kitchen area is kept clean and tidy by following the daily cleaning rota so as to maintain a high level of hygiene in line with the ‘Safer Food Better Business’ document.

12. Ensure that high levels of personal hygiene are maintained by regular hand washing in the appropriate sink using Carex anti bacterial soap.

13. To check fridge/freezer temperature daily and record information in the ‘Safer Food Better Business’ document.

14. To use apron and hat provided in order to prevent food contamination from hair or clothing.

15. To liaise with Environmental Health Officer on annual inspection dates and follow through any recommendations.

16. To present the food in such a way that it looks appetising and nutritious while also giving children choice of likes and dislikes (e.g. in separate serving dishes for each food item).

17. To present foods, which encourage children's self-help skills by cutting up their own foods.

18. To prepare foods (to be stored in the fridge) to be given to children for afternoon tea.

19. To monitor stock of food items.

20. To do monthly stock checks of frozen and dry foods.

21. To wash dishes after meals and ensure that they are stored appropriately so as to avoid accidents caused by falling objects.

22. To check dishwasher for salt and rinse aid on a weekly basis. (Fridays)

23. To ensure all kitchen appliances are cleaned regularly and are in good working order.

24. Where required, to clean tables and chairs and sweep and mop (where appropriate) in toddler and pre-school room after the children have finished eating.

About the company

A privately owned company with a total of 7 settings throughout the Berks & Bucks Home Counties.

The overriding philosophy within this company, is to provide a warm, safe and happy environment, they also believe that every child is a unique individual, full of potential and continually evolving. Therefore they place the well-being and development of all children at the heart of their practice.

If this sounds like a place where you would like to work, please get in touch with an up to date CV.