Room Leader

Job Description

Room Leaders

Responsible to: Nursery Manager and Deputy Manager


Role Purpose

  • To ensure responsibility for the effective daily management of the nursery alongside the Nursery/Deputy Nursery Manager, to have a sound knowledge of all Company policies, procedures, statutory welfare requirements and Ofsted expectations and requirements and to ensure that these are maintained at all times.
  • To be a role model to the staff team. Be able to showcase high quality practice with regards to individual and group work with children, dealing with staff and parent issues as they arise.
  • To take responsibility alongside the Nursery Management Team for the safety, security and well-being of all children, staff and visitors at all times.
  • To support the Nursery/Deputy Nursery Manager to ensure that safeguarding procedures are followed in line with Local Authority and Company procedures.
  • To support the Management Team in leading the nursery to reach an Outstanding grading with Ofsted.
  • To contribute to a rigorous action plan that supports the development of areas set out in the ‘Corporate Plan’.
  • To embrace, understand and promote the Nurseries and to understand the role you play as a member of the management team in providing high levels of care and education.



Performance Requirements

  • To be proactive in marketing the nursery in a positive way through show arounds and management of enquiries.
  • To reinforce Company policy and procedures at all times and deal with any breaches swiftly and in an appropriate manner.
  • To act as a mentor to new starters and Modern Apprentices to ensure a full induction and ongoing regular contact, offering any support and guidance and addressing performance concerns as required.
  • Mentor and lead the Nursery Team alongside the Management Team and offer support and guidance as required.
  • To promote and initiate ideas to maintain employee engagement.
  • To work alongside the Management Team to support effective staff deployment and costs.
  • Be an advocate to promote our company ethos, benefits, pension scheme etc. “Why choose this Nursery?”
  • Continually motivate and develop the staff team within the nursery through effective role modelling, spending time in rooms throughout the setting.
  • Ensure the nursery and the Company is seen as an ‘Employer of Choice’ internally and externally.
  • To take agenda items at Staff Meetings.
  • To recognise and reward Outstanding practice within the nursery.
  • Promote equality and diversity within the nursery, challenging any behaviour which does not support our Inclusive Practice and Equal Opportunities Policy.



  • Reflect on daily practice and identify areas for continual improvement.
  • To promote and encourage all practitioners to safeguard children, and support staff to have a sound awareness of the Safeguarding Policy, both Company and Local Authority procedures.
  • All staff must understand their role in safeguarding children.
  • To ensure that all children are treated as individuals and that we are supporting this through our approach to planning in line with the EYFS.
  • To work in partnership to ensure standards are continuously being met in line with Ofsted requirements and the EYFS.
  • To ensure that any identified development needs are raised with the Management Team.
  • As a Management Team, to oversee planning and children’s developmental records and ensure that they reflect their individual progress and are up to date.
  • Ensure that settling-in and transitions are well managed for all children, ensuring they are communicated to parents, carers and colleagues.
  • To lead on all aspects of inclusive practice, behaviour management and special educational needs within your team, liaising with the appropriate representatives.
  • To work alongside the Management Team to establish effective partnerships working with children, families and the wider community. Continuously looking at ways to build relationships with external agencies.
  • To ensure effective communication with staff and families through participation in staff meetings, parents evenings and any further events held by the nursery.
  • Deal with any parent/carer issues or concerns in a timely manner, escalating any issues to your Line Manager as necessary.
  • Implement and establish an effective Key Person approach within the setting.



  • To work alongside the Management Team to be responsible for Health & Safety policies and procedures at nursery.
  • To support the Management Team to ensure all paperwork is completed correctly.
  • Check premises daily and remove or action any potential hazards.
  • To ensure the health & safety of all staff, children and visitors by ensuring policies on security and safety are adhered to at all times e.g. ensuring visitors have signed in and ID checks have been carried out.
  • Raise any maintenance concerns to your Nursery Manager in due course and keep an ongoing record of this.
  • Oversee that all staff develop an enabling environment that is child-led, using both indoor and outdoor spaces effectively.
  • To ensure that you have an excellent understanding and have a working knowledge of all aspects of Health & Safety e.g. Risk Assessments, COSHH etc.
  • To promote good hygiene practices in the nursery and maintain high standards of cleanliness.



  • To support business decisions made by the Management Team to ensure sustainability is maintained.
  • To work in partnership with the Management Team to ensure that the nursery is effectively marketed and that you act as an advocate for the setting.
  • Have an underpinning knowledge of the Tapestry and Parents nursery management system and ensure that it is always up to date in the absence of the Management Team.
  • To lead on excellent levels of customer service to all visitors.
  • Work in partnership with the Management Team to ensure that debt is managed effectively and parents are spoken to as required.
  • To ensure there is an effective tool used to evaluate your progress e.g. Action planning.



  • Ability to calmly and effectively lead the nursery setting in times of emergency in the absence of the Nursery/Deputy Nursery Manager.
  • Abide by the Company’s Code of Conduct and all other Policies and Procedures at all times, maintaining a professional approach, behaviour and confidentiality at all times.
  • Act as a representative of your nursery and the Company, promoting a professional image at all times.
  • To have awareness of any legislation relating to your role.
  • Ensure all correspondence is dealt with promptly and professionally within a reasonable time frame.
  • Show a willingness to undertake additional roles to meet the needs of the nursery, children and colleagues.
  • Keep your job knowledge up to date through Company and external training, showing a commitment to professional development.
  • Support other nurseries where necessary. This may mean working at different sites to support other settings and managers.
  • Any other duties as required by the Deputy / Nursery Manager.